Reduce the pass rate! MANEB told.

By: Jones Chikazunga

It is no longer a hearsay now that schools are opening this coming Monday, September 7, this according to a recent announcement by the government. Commentators want MANEB to consider reducing pass rate as schools open next week

And it has been over five months since schools shut down due to Covid-19, a pandemic that has paralysed almost every sector globally. No doubt students, especially those in MANEB examination classes, are anxious much as tests are concerned.

However, whether they like it or not, the exam will still come and they will have to take them.

Having thought of this soberly, Lucky Mbewe, an academia commentator has risen up to fight for reduction of pass rate with regard to the same idea.

Mbewe is of the view that the learners have taken longer without being in class, developing brain rust in the process, hence they deserve a fairer treatment.

“Schools closed in the month of March, and to date, it is over five months with them not doing much in their academics,” he said.

“Therefore,” added Mbewe, “we would like to appeal to the examination body to consider reducing the pass rate for this time only.”

According to him, the rate can be brought down from 60 to 50% or in either way MANEB will do it much as it is reduced.

Reports are that the exams will kickstart this month-end starting with the standard eight ones, and later next month, those in form four will take their turn.

Meanwhile, latest media reports indicate MANEB has cold-shouldered the claims.

MANEB Executive Director Gerald Chiunda is alleged to have insisted that lowering the pass grade would compromise set standards and value of certificates.

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