Prophet Liabunya rants at ‘Black African demon’ of jealousy: urge lazy brains to work hard

By: Staff Writer

South African based Malawian sensational prophet, Austin Liabunya, has spoken very tough against ‘Black African demon’ of jealousy and xenophobia on fellow blacks.

He claimed, in his lengthy rant, that lazy people are always jealousy at seeing hard working blacks thriving in their endeavors.

He, therefore, urged everyone to work hard and God will endorse their industriousness by helping them to become successful.

“Stop being lazy and work hard. God will also bless you or jealousy will kill you,” said the ‘man of God.’

He was weighing in on series of arrests and torture being imposed on fellow Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his spouse, Mary.

The couple has since 2016 been ridiculed in the foreign land on accusations that they are money launderers and fraudsters.

According to Liabunya, the arrests are xenophobic and the delays in prosecuting the dual accounts that the state has no case to prove against them.

Liabunya joins a school of thought that stand with Major 1 and his spouse Mary who are still in police custody awaiting further hearing of their bail application on Monday, October 26.

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