Pregnant woman dies in a fire accident

A 40-year-old pregnant woman, Harriet Gabriel Ngombelo has died in a fire accident when her house caught fire whilst she was therein.

The incident occurred in the morning of September 17, 2020 at Namwira Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Kunthembwe in Blantyre.

On her fateful day, Harriet left her home to draw water from the village borehole when her husband had gone to fetch firewood.

Upon her return, she found nobody back.

She felt so tired that she went into the house to rest.

The house later caught fire and the woman was unable to get out.

She was later found burnt to ashes.

Police from Chikuli Police Unit and Chikowa Health Centre clinician went to the scene and confirmed the death as due to severe burns and suffocation due to inhailing of heavy smoke.

The cause of the fire still remains unknown as investigations are underway.

Sergeant Yvonne Kalampa,
Deputy Public relations officer,
Chileka Police Station.

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