Politicians will not change the destiny of Malawi; Seodi White.

By Duncan Kaonga

Former chief director of reforms in government, Seodi White says the fortunes of the Malawi will only be changed by a vibrant civil service and not by politicians.

White whose contract has been terminated by government did a fairwell video on social media where she said government is a revolving door where people enter and exit.

She has urged people in the civil service to bring their best in themselves to uplift the country.

“Let’s work more closely with the civil service rather than the politicians, I know politics is sexy, it looks great when people are campaigning but once politicians enter government machinery they are dependent on the civil service,” said White through the video clip

White says during her time in office they changed how the operations were done in different institutions.

“We have created the Malawi National Public Reforms policy, the Public service management policy and we have created a draft of Public service bill which entail better performance, better accountability, efficiency and effectiveness,” She said.

She added that she is leaving as a strong believer of the civil service as the critical change agent of the country.

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