Police, Msundwe residents mend fences

Malawians taking it to the street protesting against DPP

By Jones Nyonyoba

After two years of a cat-rat affair between the police and people of Msundwe in Lilongwe, finally, the two sides will share smiles again as the relationship has now been restored.

This follows a reconciliatory meeting between the two sides.

Merlin Yolam who represented the police said, long at last, all is well now following a discussion that the two sides held yesterday.

Msundwe squad had a few running battles with the police during the election results protests in Malawi














“The people of Msundwe are also Malawians. They pay tax, and therefore, they deserve security and any other goodies like any other Malawian,” said Yolam.

She then revealed following that, the relationship has been brought back.

And one of the residents, Saidi Banda, expressed satisfaction and optimism that the reconciliation will live to see both sides enjoying a good relationship.

In October last year, the people of the area tussled it out with the men in uniform as they [the residents] wanted to block ex-president Peter Mutharika from conducting a rally in the township.

The wrangle saw one officer losing life after he was stoned by the communities, worsening the already bad relationship between the two sides.

The people, among others, burnt a police unit and the area became a no-go zone for officers.


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