Over 200 inmates test positive to Corona virus: warders not spared

By Our Reporter

A diagnosis that has been conducted in the country’s two prisons, Chichiri and Nkhotakota 229 inmates tested positive to Corona virus, authorities have confirmed.

The test, which was carried out on August 11-13th, also had about 24 Warders, who tested positive as well to the virus.

A prison officer checks the prisoners in their cell before lockdown for the night

Reports further say the total number of those tested was 253. Chimwemwe Shawa who is a Prisons Service spokesperson shared a few remarks.

He said the tests means the service is leaving no stone unturned in as far as the fight against this global pandemic is concerned.

“The service conducted a test to 253, both inmates and warders, where 229 of the prisoners have been found with the virus, while 24 warders have also been affected,” Shawa explained.

He added on to say “155 of the prisoners showed signs, where 99 of them have recovered.”

Malawi’s prison situation is scary to the spread of the virus especially among inmates, since most of the measures are hardly observed, among the many obvious challenges Malawian prisons hardly have enough space. Living and sleeping spaces are such a sad sight to see as people sleep like sardines packed in a tin. The situation is quite adverse to any attempts of fighting off this invincible enemy of the world called COVID-19.


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