Operations resume at Mzuzu city council: workers get their full perks

Spokesperson for the Mzuzu city council, MacDonald Gondwe has confirmed the resumption of operations at the council after days of closure.

According to Gondwe, everything has come back to normal as the council has managed to resolve all the problems that dogged their operations.

Akometsi understands that workers at the council were not receiving their salaries for about six months.

“We were not getting our salaries for six months and this compelled us to close down all the offices,” said one of the workers on condition of anonymity.

“Our senior management was also not committed to resolve our issues and this irked us further to the extent of chasing our CEO and the director of finance,” he added.

The closure resulted into the city of Mzuzu turning into a very unhygienic place to live as there was none to look after the city.

“Its a nice development that operations have resumed. There first assignment is to live to their motto of making Mzuzu city clean by removing all the refuse around,” said Sosten Mvula, one of the residence in the city.

Meanwhile, Mzuzu city has lined up a lot of projects to be carried out soon after its reopening and authorities have asked for concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

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