Onesmus takes a dig at Hypocrites

By: Duncan Kaonga

Malawi’s finest gospel afro-pop musician, Onesmus has recently built a reputation of coming up with songs of international standard which also tackle the reality of life in people’s day to day endevours.

The mesmerizing artist has taken aim at hypocrites in his new song “Panado” song in which he exposes all the wrongs by people who don’t wish others well.

The songbird also vindicates Christians who like living ungodly life and do their things as people who have not been saved from the jaws of the devil but they act like a wolf in sheep.
The song Begins by exposing the evil doers in its well baked opening.

Amakonda miseche, amakonda munthu// azivutika zochitika ngati siopemphera//daily daily busy ntopola kubaya ma damage kuupasa moyo wanga challenge//

Panado’ hit artwork

Basically, the youthful star, unearths how people turn to be busy gossiping and wishing others bad.

In the first verse the gospel maestro talks about people who always want someone’s downfall and try every move to achieve what they want for the person not to prosper.

Onesmus has recently been in the spotlight and is being considered one of the richest artists in the warm heart of Africa. it is obvious that he has some people who are anticipating his down fall hence the song.

Basically in the second verse he tackles on how people wish for his ending in the industry but he is quick to point out that the God whom he serves is bigger than the haters and fights his battle when he is at ease.

The chorus is about the hater to take some commonly used painkiller pill “Panado” so that they can be relieved and watch how the artist rises up through the ladders to the very top.

The Hosanna hit maker also complains of people who stick around when things are going on well in your life and shower some praises but like chameleon they change colors when things go south in your life and start talking inappropriate things behind your back because they can’t no longer benefit from your fortunes.

The hit has been mastered and produced by Muthaland entertainment and Ghettobuff of South Africa who have not disappointed with their expertise

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