‘No shooting of music videos at the interchange’; Orders Lilongwe City Council

By: Blessingz Mtika

Lilongwe city council has announced that taking pictures or music videos at the newly built interchange road is prohibited as it is still under construction.

According to a statement circulating on social media, the council has done this as a precaution measure to prevent road accidents at the place.

“As a way of protecting its citizens as well as reducing road accidents, Lilongwe city council is prohibitting anyone from shooting music videos or taking photos at the interchange because it is still under construction”, indicated the statement.

In addition, the council is advising anyone who would want to take pictures or shoot music videos near any road to be asking for permission at their offices at city centre.

The statement comes in following a picture of a certain choir went viral on social media showing them shooting a music video as spotted by passersby.

Lilongwe – based choir shooting a music video at the interchange which now LCC says has been prohibited

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