Newly appointed UTM Regional Governor for the North promises party restructuring

By Chawezi.

The newly appointed UTM reginal governor for the north Davie Botha said his first assignment to the new office is to re-structure the UTM party committees for the whole northern region.

Speaking to Akometsi, Botha noted that UTM party structures from area committee, constituency and District committees were partially filled.
“my fist task in office is to make sure that all party structures are filled this has not been the case before”.

When asked by this reporter why UTM Party failed to fill all the positions of its party structures in the north, Botha response was that most of UTM followers were side lined, by former regional governor others joined other political party,s towards the elections”.

Botha went further to say during his tenure of office he will make sure to revive the UTM momentum and bring back those who left the Party.

Botha assured UTM followers in the north that political of intimidation is over ,he will make sure to respect the party structures and make sure everyone is respecting each other.

Botha cited that the previous regional governor was not interacting with the Area committee District committee and constituency committee which resulted to communication gap among the UTM followers.

Botha went further to say he is very ready to work with everyone in the party for the betterment of UTM Party.

“shortly as UTM regional committee for the north we will roll out the program to reach out our membership in all political district in the north.

Botha assumed the power of UTM regional governor for the north after the resignation of Lenard Njikho popularly known as Uncle Jose.

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