National Anti-corruption Alliance laughs off DPP’s corruption remarks

By Duncan Kaonga

National Anti-corruption Alliance chairperson, Moses Mkandawire has said it is an insult to the citizenry when the former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led regime say they didn’t squander public funds.

The remarks come after the party’s second vice president for the south who is also leader of opposition in Parliament, Kondwani Nankhumwa refuted what president Lazarus Chakwera said when he claimed that the Peter Mutharika led government swindled public funds amounting to 1.3 trillion kwacha.

Nankhumwa said that the president’s claim is cheap propaganda which its motive is to arrest DPP members and a way of making Malawians to forget what the Tonse Alliance promised during the campaign period.

Mkandawire said DPP must be joking with citizen’s considering the revelations made about the mishandling of public funds by the previous administration.

“it will be unfortunate and an insult to the people of Malawi to claim that they did nothing because why they were removed is nothing else apart from corruption, if you go to MERA, state house, Escom and other public institutions it has been revealed that resources were mismanaged so to say they did nothing wrong after these revelations of what they were doing to damage the it’s a total insult,” Said Mkandawire

The chairperson also said the current regime should go beyond the arrests to make sure that those who did wrong should face the rule of law as arrests linked to corruption have become order of the day.

“Fighting corruption there are several strategies and arrests are just one of them, so the government has just started and we should give them time to handle the situation at hand but for me fighting corruption goes beyond the arrests, we also need to consider the aspect of asset discovery for those who have stolen public assets,

We also have to deal with the aspect of awareness so that we should be able to change the attitude and behaviors towards issues of public management, corruption and fraud,” he said.

Recently, leader of United Democratic Front (UDF) Atupele Muluzi also challenged state president Lazarus Chakwera to bring forward evidence on the allegations he made during his national address that about 1.3 trillion were looted during the Peter Mutharika led government.

Of late several public figures like former Peter Mutharika’s personal bodyguard Norman Chisale, former Inspector of police, Peter Mukhitho, Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) Chief executive officer Collins Magalasi, MERA spokesperson Patrick Maulidi, Dorothy Shonga, former Escom Chairperson, Jane Mathanga and the company’s former CEO, John Kandulu have been arrested on charges of money laundering and interference with the procurement Act.

During campaign period, President Lazarus Chakwera and his vice, Saulos Chilima were repeatedly saying once ushered into government they will make sure that those who swindled public funds should be brought to book and rot in jail.



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