Namadingo to pose as Ghandhi’s “begging statue”

By Blessingz Mtika

Patience Namadingo has announced that he will pose as a statue at a place previously meant for Mohanda’s Mahatma Ghandhi’s statue in Blantyre on Tuesday august 25, 2020 to raise 3 million Kwacha for William Kachagamba to access medical help in Zambia.

Namadingo said this following a message he got through a video posted on Mikozi network’s page explaining about William’s problem.

“I have decided to come on Tuesday at 10 o’clock and pose like a statue till the 3 million is raised. I don’t care whether I Will be there for days or more but as long we raise the money, I’m okay”, Said Namadingo.

Namadingo has set aside his FDH bank account to be used in collecting the contributions. Communication on those who would want to contribute through Airtel money and TNM mpamba will be made later.

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He has also appealed to people that might want to come help him physically that they should not be afraid of Covid 19 issues as measures will be followed by the design of the place and also that he will be alone on the Statue.

“I will be alone up there, which means social distancing will be achieved and if you look at the design of the place nobody will come close to me because I will sit on top”, said Namadingo

Namadingo: “I don’t care whether I Will be there for days or more”

Apart from him posing as a begging statue, he will be accompanied by his team which will mount a tent at a distance to monitor the functioning of the camera since this will be live on Facebook.

William Kachigamba is a 21 year old guitarist living with albinism and he has a developed a big sore beneath his nose due to cancer. Kachigamba’s condition needs 3 million to access medication in Zambia.

Lately, Namadingo has been carrying out a number of charity projects which among others includes a bridge in Chitipa which he also knew about it through post he got tagged in and the Giddess Chalamanda min shop which is soon to be finished.

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