Namadingo: the Development Practitioner

Namadingo: "I don't care whether I Will be there for days or more"

By Blessings Mtika

A man of many talents, probably the best artist of this generation, Patience Namadingo can also be regarded as a Development Practitioner because of his recent works for the well-being of many people in Malawi. Together with his team known as Namatists are to embark on a project of helping build a bridge in Nthalire in Chitipa district which has been in a very bad state for a long time.

Namandingo revealed this through a video he posted on his Facebook page describing the said bridge as a death trap.

Namadingo narrating the story in his Facebook post

“Somebody tagged my page a picture of a bridge in Chitipa that is almost a death trap. I and my team will embark on this project to build a bridge just like the one behind me” said Namadingo

Despite having saying that, he disclosed that the project has no funding for now but he believes things will materialize.

“If you ask me how much we have got for this project, the answer is zero. We don’t have anything towards this project other than a heart”, said Namandingo confidently.

However, on a good note CIC Africa, an insurance company has pledge free insurance for the contractor who will handle the project.

The idea of building this bridge has come through following a post on Facebook which tagged namadingo’s page with a caption “if only Namadingo was from Chitipa, he would have built this bridge.”

Death Trap: The Nthalire wooden bridge that will soon be rebuilt

















Taking on such projects in this fashion is not a maiden move for Namadingo. There are several times he has embarked on charity work with pure intention and passion to see change. Recently he helped renovate a dilapidated police roadblock station building in Ntcheu. Another recent project was when he took Malawians to the home of a living music legend Giddes Chalamanda where he made sure this legend retires by building him a grocery store and also help rebuild his house which was in a very bad state.

Namadingo is more than a musician. He is a darling to Malawians and all his fans beyond the boarders. His heart for practical change and transformation is as real as it gets. His hope and passion is contagious. He’s for sure many things and today, we call him Namadingo the Development Practitioner.

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