Mzuzu dubbed ‘stinking city’ as littering in public places worsens


Some concerned residents of Mzuzu city have described it as the worst in the world as people continue to litter elsewhere in city. Littering has worsened in the city causing accumulation of stinking trash in many corners.

The degrading remarks were voiced out during the voluntary cleaning up exercise which was organized by some concerned business people in the city.

The vendors who spent about MK300, 000 on the exercise blamed the unhygienic scenes in the city on both the inhabitants and the strike by the city council staff that lasted for a month at the civic offices.

“It ceased to be a city. It was more of a toilet,” said Elton Bota, one of the vendors. Echoing similar sentiments, David Chirwa added that “you would wonder how diapers found their way into the streets. They’re everywhere. ”

“We must be ashamed of ourselves as a people living in the city. This unhygienic scene reflect how our homes look like,” roared another vendor.

Zigwagwa market place in Mzuzu city

Akometsi has noted one of the factors that has contributed to this situation is the plying of trade in undersigned places. Most vendors do their businesses very close to the roads and this wishy-washy kind of operating has led to the uncontrollable public refuse disposal.

Spokesperson for the city, MacDonald Gondwe, acknowledged that the city was and is still not in good scenes.

He, however, was fast to disclose that plans are in the pipeline to restore hygiene in the city.

Gondwe who revealed that the council will soon remove vendors from illegal vending places, emphasized that it remains the responsibility of everyone to make Mzuzu city clean.


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