Mzuzu City Council appeals to Vendors To trade in Designated places

By Blessings Mtika

Mzuzu city council has urged vendors who operate in illegal places to return to their designated places effective 3 August, 2020.

Spokesperson for the council MacDonald Gondwe said the council together with other stakeholders have agreed so to ensure a safe and conducive business environment in the city as per the Malawi local Government and the council Bylaws.

“We are not chasing the vendors but as one way of ensuring a conducive business environment and also instilling a sense of ownership to the vendors, they have to move to their designated place”, said Gondwe.

Gondwe also added that if the vendors do not comply, their places in the designated spaces will be allocated to others using set guidelines.

“If the vendors do not go back to their spaces within the time limit laid down, their spaces will be deamed vacant according to the law and we will use the same law to allocate the spaces to others,’ added Gondwe

In Mzuzu city, many vendors decide to trade in illegal places with arguments that visibility of their merchandize is well noted at such points.

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