Mzimba Social Welfare withdraws 160 girls from marriage.

By: Blessingz Mtika

Mzimba South social welfare has said it will introduce a pyscho social support movement to help girls that have been rescued from early marriages to focus on education.

Social welfare assistant officer Mightwell Mtonga said they are trying their best to to provide psycho social support to these girls letting them know they are too young for marriages.

“Though it will be difficult, we will try to give them a training and psycho social support so that they should not go back to the marriages instead they should focus on school”, said Mtonga.

Mtonga has however appealed to the people in the area to take responsibility making sure that these girls do not go back to the marriages.

“I would want to ask all stakeholders to join hands in working towards the mission since the stated area is an area where parents used to take girl children as a gateway of their economic statuses”, Added Mtonga.

Recently Mzimba district has registered so many cases of early marriages which it is believed to have been caused by the closure of schools due to covid 19.

Mzimba South social welfare has managed to rescue 160 out of 320 girls from early marriages after a research they did with the help of save the children.

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