Mrs Chisale pleads with Malawians to pray for her and her husband

Evalista Chisale, wife to embattled former Peter Mutharika’s bodyguard Norman Chisale has called on the people of Malawi to pray for them as they are going through difficult time of their lives.

Mrs Chisale made the plea through a female Pastor who had gone to see her at Dedza Police station where she is being kept.

Sending a voice note to a WhatsApp group, the pastor said Mrs Chisale wants prayers because both her her and her husband have been arrested.

“Mrs Chisale is doing great but she is asking that we pray for her because they are both arrested and this is having s serious impact on their children. Please, we need to put them in our prayers and those who can take time, do visit her,” explained the Pastor in a Voice Note available below. Listen.

However, a group member trashed the pastor and told her she has time for useless things.

“Chemwali, I told you not to be sending rubbish things like this. Anyway, you can pray for her since you are a Pastor some of us are not on a prayerful level like yours. Pray for her she was even giving money,” said the woman. Listen to her below:

Mr Chisale was arrested on money laundering and fraud charges. He was granted bail but just to re arrested for extra charges of attempted murder. Mrs Chisale was also arrested for the murder of Buleya Lure who was killed while in police custody.

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