Mpingwe sports club clears its name off racism scandal

By: Blessingz Mtika

Mpingwe sports club has squashed allegations that they practice racism saying the alleged racism act that happened was just a misunderstanding of the visitor and the person who attended to her.

This has happened following the incident that happened a week ago where a lady by that name Daisy Chasweka claimed that she was restricted at the premises saying it was not for black people.

Chasweka took it to social media about her fate

According to the press release circulating on social media, one of the attendant at the club was only trying to explain the rules of the club which included restrictions of some areas at the premise.

“A misunderstanding ensued when the pool attendant attempted to inform the visitor that Mpingwe sports club like any other private club, welcomes visitors but restricts access to certain areas of the facility to paid up members only. The visitor was not a member and was asked to leave the swimming pool area”, stated the statement.

The statement further elaborated that their culture as a club accommodates a diversity of races hence making the place racism free.

“our culture of inclusivity and diversity means that our members are of different races,cultures, gender, religion and backgrounds. Anyone who promotes any discrimination of any kind would be at odds with our values, and would not be welcome”, indicated the statement.

As it stands the club has resolved the issue through a follow up with the pool attendant and the visitor with the help of the police as the third party.

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