More unchecked Corona virus cases in rural areas: people dying like flies in Malawi

Containing corona virus goes beyond political bickering and being good at rhythmics. It goes beyond updating the world about the number of daily recorded cases.

Overcoming corona virus is not all about putting in place curfews and making weekly public addresses on the already known facts about the plague.

Akometsi conducted a survey in rural areas and were met with realities of how Malawi is fighting a loosing battle against the deadly pandemic.

It was clear during the survey, that there are more apparent reasons why the virus continues to spread, more silently and eliminating human beings alarmingly in areas like these, which, truth be told, are not regarded that much by political authorities.

In Malawi, people in rural areas have no financial service providers like banks to withdraw or bank their income and by design, they are forced to travel long distances to towns for them to access the monetary services.

Akometsi, during the survey, discovered that due to limited transport availability in such remote localities, people flood the available transport to the brim, defeating public health guidelines that advise of social distancing.

While in towns, people from rural areas usually act in haste to access the required services before the time their sore transport leave them behind. This results into them ignoring most public health precautions.

Consequently, chances of them contracting the virus becomes high but also more higher becomes chances of them spreading it to fellow passengers and worse still, their whole community once they reach home.

In Rumphi district, akometsi noted that in most remote areas, business is as usual. People interviewed were bent on assertions that the virus is for rich people living in town and not them.

“We’ve a football league running here and the market days are operating normally,” said Authur Gondwe in hewe, Rumphi west.

Ironically, there have been more mysterious deaths being reported in such rural areas of which most villagers suspect to be witchcraft.

“He just complained of cough, fever, difficult in breathing and throat sores and he died. Witchcraft is real in rural areas,” said one of the bereaved member of a family in hewe.

She added: “Such signs were normal. They could not kill but he succumbed to just that! It raises more eyebrows.”

This unveiled the levels of unawareness on the disease among people in rural areas. Most people just know the virus exist but not its signs and symptoms, causes, prevention and so forth.

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