Ministry of education to review free primary education: promise heavens for teachers

Student-teacher ratio is another challenge in Malawi education

By Tsar Don
The ministry of education, science and technology has revealed that it will soon be evaluating the successes and failures of free primary education in the country.
Among other areas, the evaluation will include expenses incurred in running the system of education which was rolled out by the Bakili Muluzi administration.
Children learning under a tree in Ulongwe Malawi
In an interview, minister responsible, Agnes Nyalonje hinted that free primary education may have some hidden costs that if left unchecked will continue to haunt the quality of education in the country.
On the other hand, Nyakonje disclosed that through the Tonse alliance administration, teachers will be well remunerated paid and have their housing situation improved.
For long, the country’s education sector has been dubbed the worst performing due to among other factors demotivated human resource and lack of teaching and learning materials.
“Infrastructure is another problem. Most school facilities are in bad shape and some learners are still learning under trees. This will be looked into as we explore several interventions to improve the sector,” said Nyakonje.
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