Minister Kambala impressed with energy innovations: appreciates Infinity Energy Solutions among others

By: Caphus Limbie

Minister of Energy Newton Kambala says three meals a day cannot be realized if people have no fuel for cooking. The minister has proposed that his Ministry should consider investing in research and development with regards to specific issues in the energy sector.

“Understanding a problem is key to finding the right solutions for it, and Research will do just that.” Said Kambala.

“In the just ended week, I attended a function organized by Infinity Energy Solutions at Mpingu in Lilongwe, who are among a few institutions that are manufacturing briquettes as a solution to unsustainable sources of energy for cooking. The Ministry would like to promote such initiatives which may begin to provide the required sufficient fuel and save the environment which has been pressured by human needs in cooking. Said the Minister.

Kambala also met the National Cooking Steering Committee (NCSC) where he brain stormed various ways of making energy for cooking available to everyone in Malawi. He proposed the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a main fuel for cooking in Malawi. He said the use of LPG makes a lot of economic sense relative to the use of Charcoal and Firewood which has a devastating effect on the environment.

“Capital investment is the main challenge in acquiring gas equipment which can be resolved by drafting and effecting deliberate policies and putting in place a revolving fund to buy the gas equipment which can be leased to low income people.” Acknowledgment Kambala.

Kambala continued by saying if we cannot make deliberate moves to turn things around, we will be remembered as failures. And failing is not in the best interest of the Tonse Alliance Government.

Kambala said his Ministry will work to move towards a 100% access to LPG use in Malawi.

“India has just achieved this and we believe we can do the same.” hoped the Minister.

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