Minibus drivers strike over ‘traffic police ill-treatment’

By: Our reporter

On Tuesday, commuters in the city of Blantyre had a rude awakening when they discovered minibuses were not operational.

This was due to a strike that the minbus drivers and conductors staged in displeasure of what they describe as maltreatment by traffic police officers.

According to some of the drivers, the officers have been arresting and charging them fines upto 20 thousand kwacha on cases they argue are very small.

Some of the infringements include exceeded seating capacity and carrying of items.

“All along, it has been very much painful to be arrested and pay 20 thousand Kwacha on very small cases,” complained one driver.

The chauffeur added on to say “upon payment of that ‘whooping’ sum, we are not even issued a receipt which simply means they do this out of greed and reaping where they did not sow.”

While complaining it becomes very difficult to be understood by their employers, he further lamented that that it is always them [drivers] who are deemed wrong [when caught], even if they were hired.

But Minbus Owners Association of Malawi (MOAM) General Secretary Coxley Kamange said the drivers have wronged by doing so, arguing the issue is under ressolution with the men in uniform.

There has not been an immediate response from the law enforcers as we went to press.

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