MCC to deploy plan B in dealing with illegal vending

By: Duncan Kaonga

Mzuzu City Council (MCC) says it will resume the operations in the city to remove illegal vendors who have resurfaced after being chased from the illegal premises.

Recently, MCC went on an enforcement and supervising activity on relocation exercise of vendors to their designated place of businesses.

But in the turn of events since last week the vendors have defied the odds and it is now business as usual in the city as they have returned in the streets.

In an Interview with Akometsi MCC public relations officer, MacDonald Gondwe said they will resume the enforcement as soon as possible.

“The council relaxed in its enforcement and supervising activity of relocation exercise, we thought by now every vendor has gotten the message to take responsibility and asking charge of refraining from illegal vending. Going forward, the council will resume the operations not long from today until the illegal vendors understand the ills of illegal vending,” said Gondwe.

Gondwe called on the vendors and every resident to support the council initiative including saying no to illegal vending.

“It’s about responsibility and city ownership. Most often people think the city belongs to those who work at the council when in actual sense there is need for a collective responsibility in the management of its affairs,” he said.

For the past three weeks there was heavy police presence in town who were patrolling the place where vendors were prohibited to conduct their respective businesses.

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