Man flees wife’s funeral procession in Mzuzu over MK 1 million unsettled dowry

By: Staff Writer

Search has been launched on a man who has fled her wife’s funeral procession in Mchengautuwa township, Mzuzu over MK 1 million unsettled dowry.

Akometsi have established at the funeral that the man on the run had only paid other marriage initiation costs and promised to square the dowry on higher-purchase.

On the contrary, delegates from the woman’s family say, the man could not honour his promise till the demise of their daughter on Sunday.

According to custodians of Ngoni Culture, they can not proceed with laying the deceased to rest before the monetary in questions are settled.

Our sources at the funeral confided in our writer that the man was advised, by his kindred, to run away, after they sensed danger.

“So, people from the woman’s family took to the gathering, demanding that the man pays the dowry in cash. Failure which, they emphasized that they won’t allow their daughter to be buried,” said one of the attendees at the funeral.

The woman died after strangling herself over, what people believe, to be marital related issues.

“This might also have fueled the resentments from the woman’s family,” added the source.

“It is said that the man had other affairs where he was spending money. He built her girlfriend a house and when the deceased had heard about this, she hanged herself.” said the source.

Meanwhile, people from the two families are still in a closed meeting where, among other things, they are discussing the way forward.

The meeting which, as of the publication of this article, had lasted for 2 hours, is trusted to bring out a tangible solution that will see the corpse being laid to rest today.

Akometsi are at the funeral following the developing story bit by bit and will furnish you with the final details on the drama once the issue is resolved.

The fled man, identified as Ipyana Nkhwawa, hails from the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Wasambo in Karonga district while her departed wife, Elsbeth Qumayo, hailed from the area of Traditional Authority Mthwalo in Mzimba district.

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