Man fined K250,000 for assaulting a court clerk

Chisenjere First Grade Magistrate’s Court in Blantyre has ordered Joseph Milanzie, 52, to pay a sum of MK250,000 (Two hundred and fifty thousand kwacha) or serve a two year sentence in prison for assaulting a court clerk who was serving his summon.

The court heard through state prosecutor Sub Inspector Donda of Chileka police that on August 30, 2020, Axton Mwavu, who is a court clerk at Chisenjere in Lunzu Blantyre, was assigned to deliver a summon to Joseph Milanzie to appear before the court on matters relating to land disputes.

Upon receipt of the summon, Milanzi started insulting the clerk and took a panga knife from his house which he used to slap him around his body.

The convict then damaged the summon before letting Mwavu go.

Mwavu reported the matter to Chileka Police Station where a case of assault occasioning actual bodily (AOAB) harm was opened.

Milanzie was then arrested and appeared before the Chisere Magistrate’s Court.

He was charged with offences of AOAB harm, malicious damage and obstructing a court officer.

Milanzie pleaded guilty to all the three charges and pleaded with the court for leniency, saying that he is the bread winner for his family.

However, the state asked for stiffer punishment considering that the conduct by Milanzie is a threat to the society and there is need to deter would-be offenders.

The First Grade Magistrate George Chimombo concurred with the state and ordered Milanzie to pay a fine of K250,000 or in default serve a two year jail term.

Police in Chileka are reminding members of the general public to respect the rule of law by always obeying lawful orders.

Milanzie hails from
Kunjawa village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A)
Kapeni in
Blantyre District.

Peter Mchiza,
Public Relations Officer,
Chileka Police Station.

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