Man drowns in Dowa

A 41-year-old has died in Dowa after drowning in Kantchere River.

The deceased has been identified as Thomson Jossam from Kantchere Village in the area of Traditional Authority Mkukula in the district.

The incident happened on Thursday morning (October 15 2020) at Kantchere Village.

It is reported that Jossam had been behaving strangely since Monday (October 12 2020) and on Wednesday night (October 14 2020), he left the bedroom leaving his wife sleeping and went outside the house.

The wife tried to follow her husband but they did not find him until on Thursday morning when one of the villagers went to his garden where he was surprised to find BP drugs inside the pillow bag floating on water.

When one of the villagers started fetching water, he was shocked to see the missing man deep down the river.

He immediately reported the matter to the villagers who managed to remove the body from the waters.

The matter was reported to police who in turn visited the scene and took the body to Dowa District Hospital to establish the cause of death.

Postmortem examination conducted established that death was caused due to suffocation secondary to drowning and no foul play suspected.

Sub Inspector Gladson M’bumpha

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