Malawians want car insurance covers to be voluntary

Lilongwe, Malawi

By Our Reporter

Concerned Malawians have petitioned the new government to review the compulsory automobile insurance covers.

In a street interview Akometsi conducted on Friday, most people argued that it is illogical for everyone to be forced to insure their automobiles because insurance is a choice.

“That must be scrapped off. It doesn’t hold water. Why force everyone to insure the vehicle? We need an urgent review on that regulation,” said Emmanuel Gondwe, owner of God’s will transport.

Added Walinase Katundu: “you’ve brought a very good topic for us to vent our views on. Well, it is obvious. We’ve been living in the dark. Insurance is voluntary. Nobody must be forced to insure his vehicle.”

Rosemary Sibande described the mandatory insuring of vehicles as despicable and illegal. She feared government may resort to forcing people to be insuring everything they have hence she voiced the need for a review on motor vehicle insurance.

“They must review the law because not everyone believes in insurance. Some of us we can’t insure. Why bulldozing us to do the needless? The servant leadership which is listening must do something amicably,” she said.

Of the 200 people that took part in the interview, 193 proposed the deletion of compulsory automobile insurance regulations. Three people said they knew nothing on the issue. The remaining four opposed the proposal.

In Malawi, insuring motor vehicles is mandatory. Vehicles without insurance contravenes road traffic regulations. Owners of the uninsured automobile are liable to fines or have their cars not fit.


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