Malawians flocking back to SA illegally: ministry of Foreign Affairs worried

By Blessingz Mtika

Ministry of foreign affairs has expressed its disappointment in the behavior of Malawians who are returning to South Africa using unchartered routes when it has just been a short period after being rescued.

In a press statement released on 10th September 2020, the ministry explained that it has received reports of increased cases of Malawians being caught in Mozambique and Zimbabwe on their way back to South Africa.

“The ministry has received reports from Malawi missions in Maputo and Harare that recently there has been an increase Of Malawian citizens being intercepted either in Mozambique or Harare on their way to RSA”, indicated the statement.

The ministry further complained about the behavior saying it is unfair for these people to return to South Africa when not too long ago, government rescued about 4500 Malawians who were stranded there due to corona virus outbreak.

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“It is illogical for the Malawians to return to RSA using unchartered routes and without proper documents after recently being assisted to come back to Malawi due to the hardships they faced as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown measures”, indicated the statement.

Apart from the situation of people returning to RSA, it has come to the ministry’s attention that there are new migrants showing interest in traveling abroad whilst still in hard times which is worrisome.

Meanwhile, government has appealed to all Malawians to refrain from travelling outside Malawi as other counties have not lifted their COVID-19 strict measures.

In a case where one wants to travel, the government has emphasized that he/she possess legit travel documents and also use recognized routes and entry ports.


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