Malawians demand transparency on overwhelming condom usage at Parliament

By: Staff Reporter

Reactions continue to pour in on revelations of massive condoms usage at the Malawi August house as other quarters of the society lasts to demand for transparency on the issue.

Media was, recently, awash with reports that about 10,000 condoms are, on average, used in Parliament per day.

Needed in large quantities by Malawi Parliamentarians

This revelation has risen eyebrows among Malawians who have said things would have been more worse if 50:50 campaign was possible.

“What if the number of males and females was at par? Like 50:50? I’m just wandering,” reads one of the monitored comments on a news article online.

“And…,” read another comment. “We need to know who was using more of them and on who? This is very exciting news.”

Parliamentarians, in their reaction, described the revelations as disgraceful and shaming.

“We do not come here for sex,” roared one of the legislators in the house when they were rebuffing another condom donation.

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