Malawi to establish Malawi Qualifications Authority-MAQA

Hon Agness Nyalonje

By staff writer

Following a long standing debate of invalid, unregulated, and unconsolidated qualifications that people get from various tertiary institutions in the country, the Ministry of education has embarked on an initiative to establish what they call the Malawi Qualifications Authority, MAQA.

Issues of academic qualifications and their credibility have dominated the intense debate recently. A country that is serious about its human capital must ensure that the learning process and its outcomes are well founded in tertiary institutions.

“For several years counties within the SADC region and across the continent have been vetting qualifications” said the Minister of Education Hon. Agnes Nyalonje.

The Minister further observes that just as we have MANEB to standardize primary, secondary, and teacher training qualifications … there is also need to standardize and regulate tertiary qualifications.

Some of the duties of MAQA will be registration and verification of qualifications, the recognition and regulations of professional bodies, and evaluating foreign qualifications.

The Ministry of education is spearheading this initiative under the public reforms in the Ministry. In the meantime, the Ministry is in the final stages of championing the final draft of all the necessary legislation which will underpin the establishment of MAQA and implementation of its duties.


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