Malawi parliament in need of more condoms

By: Akometsi reporter

It has been revealed that Malawi parliament uses more than 10,000 condoms a month. This comes following a donation of more than 200,000 condoms that the August house has received recently. The donation aims at making sure that its stuff are being protected from sexually transmitted diseases.

About K37,000,000 has been spent for procurement, Storage and distribution of the condoms.
According to sources gathered by Akometsi, it is believed to say that parliament needs more than 20,000 condoms every two months. This has however raised concerns from other parties citing that it enforces adultery among the parliamentarians.

Akometsi spoke with some people who expressed sadness towards the families of the parliamentarians saying this shows that they are not faithful to their partners at home. However others were quick to object that the donation of the condoms will encourage family planning in their homes.

Maggie Chinsinga who is the director of services at the August house, has commended the donation saying it is timely as it will help to protect the lives of the parliamentarians.

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