Kenya Airways Indicate Malawi Flights in August

By Innocent Kaliati

Tour operators and other tourism players were surprised over the weekend to note that Kenya Airways had indicated on their August schedule a flight to Malawi on 16th August 2020. However, one customer said as they tried to book a flight, they KQ advised them that no flights will be landing until Malawi officially reopens it’s borders.

Malawi closed its borders in April in a bid to fight coronavirus by stopping all but essential travel. The tourism industry is very keen to get things going again but there has been no official communication from both Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Tourism on when the borders will reopen. sources have confirmed that the Department of Civil Aviation is leading a taskforce that is looking into the reopening of our country to foreign travel again. The taskforce is formulating guidelines that will be followed once airports have reopened. It is unclear at this moment if these guidelines will include a mandatory 14 day quarantine.

Our sources further said once the airports have opened, rapid tests for covid 19 will be conducted, all airport officials and travellers will wear masks, public hotspots like ATMs will be sanitised after every use and airport staff will have regular tests.

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