K1000 electricity units serves 20 houses for two years in Bangwe

Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) officials have disconnected about 30 illegally connected shops at Bangwe’s Nthandizi area in Blantyre.

The disconnected buildings included bars and houses.

Innocent Chitosi, ESCOM’s Public relations Officer (PRO), said the illegally-used power is estimated at K10.5 million.

Chitosi said one of the suspects, Horace Khan, made the illegal connection to 20 shops and had only used K1,000 worth of electricity units for 2 years.

“Such connections are bad not only to the economy of our parastatal, but they as well risk accidents,” said Chitosi.

Such dealings attract arrests and/or penalties, according to the country’s Penal Cord.

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