Hunt launched for Ras Chikomeni over ‘Bush doctor’ claims

By: Staff Writer

Claims made by Ras Chikomeni Chirwa that he trades in cannabis may soon land him in trouble as inside sources at the Malawi Police service have confided in Akometsi that they are investigating him on the issue.

Chikomeni who was an independent presidential aspirant in the preceding polls, disclosed in an interview with a local television that he sometimes transact in sativa business beside using the illicit drug as medicine and relish.

The controversial Rastafarian who chose her mother as his running-mate in the polls which his nomination papers were discarded owing to insufficiency of requirements said, during the interview, that he has customers within and abroad.

The entrepreneur, farmer and articannabis another noteworthy revelation, during the same interview, that cannabis business is the most lucrative and has the capacity of boosting Malawi’s economy.

“It is the most reliable green gold than tobacco which is losing its market value,” said Chirwa

However, in an interview with Akometsi on the looming arrest, the vocal politician declined to comment much citing that he had learnt about the issue from the media.

He said, he was still waiting for official communication on the matter.

On the other hand, our inside sources at the law enforcement agency emphasized that they are still following his claims keenly and possibilities of interrogating him are obvious.

This comes at a time drug and substance abuse is mushrooming in the country.

Drug and substances regulations in Malawi prohibits cultivation, using and selling of cannabis.

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