Hunger looms! 2.6mil Malawians to be affected

By Blessingz Mtika

Ministry of economic Planning and Development and Public Reforms through a press statement signed by its Secretary Winford Masanjara has announced that about 2.6 million people may face hunger in the 2020/2021 consumption year.

According to the report on annual food security assessment and analysis filed by Malawi vulnerability Assessment Committee, About 2 million of the affected people will be in rural areas while the remaining 6 hundred thousand will be in urban areas.

The overall number of vulnerable population has increased to 39 percent in 2020 consumption year compared to 2019 due to the inclusion of urban affected areas.

The situation is a result of dry spell, floods, early cessation of rains in the southern region, fall army worms and African army words which affected crop production.  On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has also affected urban people’s income through loss of jobs and businesses.

However, the government together With its development partners will be implementing response interventions to assist affected areas which as of now it has procured 55000 metric tons using money carried forward from 2019/2020 budget.

The estimated 2.6 million represents 15 percent of the population of the consumption year and it affects every district.

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