Hope Renewed! Minister of Health dubbed ‘Game changer”

Minister of Health: Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda

By staff writer

There is high optimism among health workers in the country that the new Minister of health, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda, will thrive in improving their working conditions.

The remarks were made recently when Chiponda met delegates from National organization of nurses and midwives (NONM), Nurses and midwives council (NMC) and the Association of Malawian midwives (AMM).

According to the delegates, the coming in of Chiponda means a new dawn in the ministry of health which has been dogged by enormous problems for some decades now.

Khumbize Kandodo dubbed ‘game changer’ in health ministry. Health workers hopeful 

The delegates who, among others, cited lack of institutional accommodation and understaffing in the health sector further urged the new minister to prioritize improving the welfare of health workers in the country.

Other problems that the reps presented to the minister included meagre risk allowances, lack of personal protective equipment and poor career advancement.

However, irrespective of the immense hindrances faced by health workers, the nurses and midwives pledge to always be discharging their duties throughout and beyond the corona virus pandemic.

The minister, in her remarks, hailed all the health workers in the country for being brave and tireless towards rendering their noble services to Malawians.

She further acknowledged that the health sector is facing a lot of problems but she assured all delegates that through concerted efforts, all challenges will be surmounted.


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