Gwamba & Mlindo’s ‘Yaz Abantu’ terrorizes airwaves. Amasses million viewers in days on YouTube

By: Wasema Jr

In what must be described as a collabo of the moment, Gwamba and Mlindo the Vocalist can climb on a mountain top and claim that. Surely they can, yes.

Gwamba is a Malawian talented gospel hip-hop rapper, whereas Mlindo is a golden-voiced South African singer who is probably the current people’s man in as far as music is concerned.

Their collabo hit titled ‘Yaz Abantu’, is a track that simply talks of character of man against that of Jesus; describing man’s as unpredictable and unreliable.

In the song that has been produced and mastered by Malawi’s gaudy BFB, each artist has sang in his native language.

Ase ukadalira munthu udzakhumudwa wabule, mwina zinazi koma chikondi sungagule, utha kupanga chilichonse chomwe ungatchule, lero mzako mawa kudumphadumpha ngati chule. Atha kukhala bestie, daily ma text, muli ku school munkhala limodzi desk, koma zokhulupilira munthu ndi mistake. amamenya congrats mumtima akumeya hate. Koma ndili ndi mzanga m’modzi yemwe ndimadziwa, amandikondabe olo ndikhale pausiwa, olo ndimulakwile chotani sandisiya, bambo ake Joseph mai ake Maria, goes Gwamba’s lyrics in the song.

At its simplest, Gwamba refers to Jesus Christ as the best-ever friend who neither changes nor forsakes.

The Malawi multi award-winning rapper’s lyrics goes on to praise Christ for not charging him regardless of Him (Jesus) dying on the cross on his [Gwamba’s ] behalf.

Gwamba emphasizes, in Jesus, he has a very good friend of all times.

The song has had a massive reception globally, amassing over 16 million viewers in just days on YouTube.

This has prompted Gwamba to claim he is hip-hop lord, this can been seen where he posted on his Facebook page “[I am the] Chichewa hip-hop landlord”.

Gwamba ventured into music way back, where he started as a secular artist. He later turned to God, starting doing gospel music, ‘Better’ being his first track.

He has therefore maintained his consistency and route, recording other songs that have proved his artistry.

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