Government ready to decongest prisons amid Covid-19 fight

The government says it is ready to let go some inmates, a move that is aimed at decongesting prisons.

The decongestion comes as the country continues to foster the measures that have been set aside as the fight against Covid-19 rages on.

Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda has confirmed the development, saying some of the steps into the process have already been met.

The deadly virus has as well penetrated into prisons’ cells, killing some of the inmates, an example of it being Nkhotakota where all the three positive patients have died.

The move by the government comes just after few days when some Human Rights Organisations led by Legal Action Charity Reprieve pressed for an action on the same.

Social Justice Advocate Alexious Kamangila called upon the government to and all stakeholders to act urgently and diligently, saying civilization of a nation is measured by how it treats its most vulnerable.

Malawi prison cells are very much congested, a situation that poise a great danger for escalating cases of the infection.

To be considered included those that have served a majority of their sentences, the sick, the old women with childr children, among others, Akometsi understands.

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