Friends of Bushiri organising demos in Mzuzu in protest of Major 1 and wife’s arrest

By: Staff Writer

A grouping of young people trading under ‘Friends of Bushiri’ have confirmed organizing massive protests in Mzuzu on the sidelines of ‘persecution’ of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in South Africa.

In an interview, leader of the grouping, Chikondi Chirwa, described the recent detaining of the ‘charismatic prophet’ as unjustified.

According to Chirwa, it is unbecoming of the South African law enforcement agencies to be subjecting the ‘philanthropic’ man of God to ‘wrongful’ arrests that are based on ‘jealousy’ and ‘xenophobia’.

Chirwa who is the executive director for Guitar Against Violence movement, a grouping that bursts violence in the northern region, further described the delayed justice on the case in which Bushiri and his spouse Mary are accused of fraud and money laundering as a ‘crime against humanity.’

“We are aware that Bushiri is and has always been a law abiding person and has much trust in secular justice systems in South Africa but, we feel like he is being persecuted,” fumed Chirwa.

He added: “we are planning to hold demos after thorough consultations with the Malawi Police and all relevant parties. We need justice for our mother and the spiritual father.”

Chirwa who further expressed concerns at the way the incessant arrests of the prophet has compromised most of his charity initiatives in Malawi and globally, emphasised that should the south Africans get tired of the major prophet, they must just admit it.

“He wronged nobody back home. We’ll welcome him anytime should they get tired of him,” he added.

On the other hand, Chirwa described South Africans as, somewhat, selfish and xenophobic people who hate fellow Africans based on jealousy and uncivilized way of living.

Bushiri who leads the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) was, together with his spouse Mary, arrested by the Hawks earlier this week on charges relating to financial crimes.

Their arrest sparked rowdy among their supporters and followers across the world who lasts to disdain South African law enforcement agencies.

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