Fashion4change global prioritises the future generation

By: Duncan Kaonga

After a long time out due to the deadily Covid-19 pandemic Fashion4change will bounce back on 28th November, 2020 with the same cause of tackling environmental issues in the country.

This year’s show which will take place at Golden Peacock in Blantyre is going to fall under the theme ‘Sustain Green’.

Over the years Malawi has been facing the growing negative effects of deforestation, from the loss of the natural habitats of wild animals, less rains and soil erosion.

In an interview with Akometsi Fashion4change Global Public Relations Officer (PRO), Christina Mabvuto said they look forward to combat the effects of deforestation by encouraging planting of trees across the country.

Mabvuto added they are insipired by the words of Warren Buffet which say, “someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

“This year’s Fashion4change Global aims at planting 1 million trees across Malawi in deforestrated areas because we must plant for the future today in order for the future generations to enjoy the full beauty of Malawi,” said Mabvuto.

Mabvuto further said the models who will be part of this year’s event will be from Malawi and neighboring Zambia and will play a role of being advocates and brand ambassadors for the planting of trees for the future.

“They will be the voice of the initiative and will greatly help in bringing awareness to Fashion4change Global through their creative designs. This year the designers have decided to be part of the Fashion4change global sustain green project because it will not only benefit them to improve the environment by planting trees in deforestrated areas but will also benefit the future generations,” she said.

The country would benefit from the replantation of trees because trees are essential for the environment. They reduce climate change by absorbing the excess carbon dioxide and purifying the air, they help prevent water pollution by filtering water before it flows into rivers and they also assist in controlling soil erosion and this would improve Malawi for future generations.

One of the Models who will be part of the initiative, Keitumile Kawilima who is also 2019 UMP Male model of the year said the show is taking good strides in using fashion as a driving tool towards achieving sustainability.

“So many industries take from nature but don’t really give back to it, so the fact that fashion4change is making an effort to replenish nature by advocating for sustainability and actually taking a step to plant trees is something worth the recognition and I’m proud to be part of a movement that drives positive change,” Said Kawilima.

The Fashion4change global team plans to educate masses on the sustain green project by traveling to different secondary schools within different communities providing knowledge on deforestation and giving instructions on how to replant the trees lost and how to mantain a good environment.

“In order to avoid deforestation not only do we encourage the replanting of trees but we also encourage the recycling of paper and cardboard. We hope to educate the public in why deforestation harms the environment so that they may be encouraged to plant more trees in the future,” Mabvuto said.

Fashion4change is expected to work with the Ministry of Mines, natural resources and environment and schools so as to be looking at the trees planted.

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