Family dumps coffin at MRA Mzuzu Offices

By: Blessingz Mtika

Chaos erupted at Malawi Revenue Authority offices in Mzuzu after angry traders and family members took the body of the late Dennis Katsache, a businessman to MRA Mzuzu premises after failing to honor what they agreed with the minister.

Reports say that Katsache died due to high blood pleasure upon being detained at Chitimba to pay extra 4 million for goods he had already paid for at Songwe border.

Upon getting the news, the concerned traders held a meeting with minister of Trade Sosten Gwengwe to bail out the decreased goods which he compiled and agreed with the MRA commissioner general to release the goods and retain the money to the family.

Despite the commissioner general having agreed to the request, it is said that Mzuzu MRA office refused to do so which angered the traders hence carrying the coffin to their premises.

Late Katsache was before his death, a Lilongwe based business person who used to go outside the country to buy different goods to sell here in Malawi.

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