Fake MDF soldier arrested in Ntcheu

By Jones Nyonyoba

Police in Ntcheu district have arrested a man identified as Fiskani Nyirenda for impersonating a civil servant as a Malawi Defense Force (MDF) soldier.

Nyirenda was arrested a few days ago at a drinking joint in Lizulu.

Police publicist for the district Hastings Chigaru said the suspect was also in possession of a motorcycle which he was selling at MK140, 000.

“The man was behaving suspiciously, thus, he was extravagant at the drinking place

Our CID officers kept on observing him, and later, he was questioned on how he gotten his money which he was spending like nobody’s business,” said the police mouthpiece.

“It was when” added Chigaru “he boosted of himself, saying he is a Malawi Defense Force soldier and he produced identities that included a uniform among others.”

While still being interrogated, the man also ended up revealing that he was also selling a motorcycle.

These raised eyebrows, and he was further taken to task where it was discovered the man was an impersonator. He was immediately arrested.

He is currently in the cooler waiting to face his trial in the courts.


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