FACEDOWN: Hon. Kazombo falls facedown pleading with his people

Our reporter

There was a tag-of-war in Kasungu when villagers stood shoulder to shoulder with medical personnel over a dead body, where the former ended up revoking the corpse by force.

The dramatic ordeal happened in Wimbe yesterday.

Facts gathered by Akometsi indicate the deceased kicked a bucket at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe, and burial arrangements were made to happen in Kasungu.

Medical staff prepared the body with observation of all measures in as far as Covid-19 is concerned.

But, upon arrival in Kasungu, in full protective attire ready to handle the burial, and as the medics wanted to disembark a coffin carrying remains of the deceased, villagers challenged, telling them they were squaring the circle with their acts.

The villagers stood their guns and did not move an inch.

This led to disagreements between the two parties, and in intervention, lawmaker for the area Madalitso Kazombo who is also the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament lied down so as to beg the villagers to give it up to the medical officials.

This did not yield any fruits and at the end of the day, it was the villagers that emerged superior, and they ended up burying the body in usual manner.

Kasungu District Health Officer Dr. Emmanuel Nkolombe, while confirming the development, expressed sadness over the matter, saying what the villagers did was sad in as far as the battle against the disease is highly talked.


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