DMI students in fees must fall campaign

DMI St John's Campus

Students at DMI St. John the Baptist are pressing their administration to reduce fees as they are now doing e-learning only due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Some of the students who have confided in with Akometsi, and have opted for anonymity, say it is very surprising to note that out of K475,000 they pay as regular fees, the administration has taken away K20,000 only. This represents 4% reduction.

“Since the onset of this pandemic [Covid-19], we were sent home and the management opted for online learning.”

“But it is surprising to note that the administration is adamant on fees reduction, yet for us to access  classes, we require internet data as well which is equally expensive,” complained one student.

DMI Faculty during one of its recent graduation ceremony

















The student further worried that the non-reduction feels like milking a thin cow as their parents are also had hit financially with effects of the pandemic.

Akometsi news desk got in touch with the institution’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Anand to seek his comment on the matter.

In his response, he told our reporter that the fees was reduced, but when quizzed more on why they only reduced the tuition with just a 4% reduction, he was quick to say all is sorted.

“The fees has been reduced, and we have dealt with this issue already with our students. Thank you,” that was all he could say on the matter.

Moving forward, the students are still planning on continuing in seeking other avenues to get the schools’ administration to further consider their grievances. Most students are still worried that with the cost of internet data at the moment in Malawi, has not given them a conducive environment to successfully engage and participate in the e-learning effectively. Hence the birth of the hashtag #FeesMustFall campaign.

All of this comes at the time the whole national has been protesting internet data costs by the service providers like TNM and Airtel. The situation led to the birth of a social media campaign against these two entities with a hashtag #DataMustFall.





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