Divide Mzimba! Displeased youth urges the Government to act swiftly

By Staff Writer

Concerned youths of Mzimba have asked government to divide the district by force citing that its immensity is crippling development.

The young people disclosed that they are planning to petition government and seek legal guidance on the matter soon.

According to the displeased youths, they are frustrated to see their local authorities clinging to ‘useless’ veto for government to divide the district, citing that such mindset is retrogressive.

In a street interview akometsi conducted at Mzimba boma on Friday which prompted young people to voice their views on what is leading their district to be underdeveloped for such a long time, the youths blamed the enormity size of the district as a possible major reason.

Ngoni’s: Vowed to never accept any plans of dividing the district

“We hear that government allocates resources equally to all districts irrespective of its size,” said Yohane Zina. “With the vastness of our district, insufficient resources cannot cater for all our challenges.”

Added David Chinula: “government must disregard the veto from our chiefs. After all, they’re doing nothing to save the people from adversities that are resulting from underdevelopment.”

“Mzimba will never develop if it remains undivided,” claimed Erick Chirwa. “We need it divided if people are to enjoy development.”

Mzimba which is the largest district in Malawi is predominantly under the ownership of the Jere ngoni who continuously decline suggestions of splitting it into four districts.

All the Paramount chiefs that have ever been there including the current M’belwa took a vow never to bow down to calls for the splitting of the district on grounds that Ngonis are one and nothing can divide them.

Young Ngoni Warrior in action

Previously, some developmental experts warned that should Mzimba remain as huge as it is, development will be an uphill task.

Several parliamentarians from the district have been trying in vain to convince their local leaders to split the district.

“Up to now, Mzimba has no good road networks. People are drinking water that is not drinkable from streams because the district is just too huge to get the development it needs currently,” said Samuel Humba, another youth in Mzimba.

Akometsi tried in futility to seek views from Paramount chief Mbelwa V till the publication of this article but he is on record to have declined to permit any calls on the matter.


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