Deputy Minister of Health Hon. Kanyasho visits Balaka Hospital

Deputy Min of Health visiting the fire gutted Balaka Hospital on Saturday

Early Friday  morning the people of Balaka woke up to a fire nightmare gutting down their only major public hospital in the district. Even though there were no registered casualties to this fire, the hospital was almost decimated to the ground due to this marauding fire.

On Saturday, the Deputy Minister of Health Hon. Chrissie Kalamula Kanyasho M.P visited Balaka District Hospital. The fire is reportedly to have completely destroyed the Kitchen and Laundry room. About 140 patients were evacuated to nearby Hospitals like Ntcheu.

Completely burned down: Hospital’s kitchen

The Deputy Minister promised to work on restoring the Hospital Services as soon as possible and that the situation will addressed with the utmost urgency it deserves. Balaka district hospital carters for over 400,000 people in the district.

The deputy minister flanked by other officials including Hon. Lucius Banda

The Deputy Minister was accompanied by Deputy Director of Clinical Services, Dr. Fosiko, and the Director of Planning. Also in attendance was Hon. Tony Ngalande M.P and Hon. Lucius Banda. Hon Banda a longtime prominent resident of Balaka was one of the people that showed up to help rescue patients and anything they could from the raging fire.


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