Civil servants feel cheated on contributory pension scheme

By Staff Report

Civil servants in the country are of the view that the Tonse alliance government fooled them on discarding the contributory pension scheme.

During campaign trail, Tonse alliance promised a Paradise where, among other things, civil servants would cease receiving peanut salaries and have their mandatory monthly contributory pension scheme scrapped off.

Though the promises were described, by others, as unrealistic, the Tonse alliance leadership emphasised that they would deliver the promises within the first one hundred days.

Banking on the pledges, civil servants have been counting down the first one hundred days from June 23 but, though the days have elapsed, it seems, according to the whining public servants, they are still in Egypt.

“We were promised Canaan but we were fooled,” wept one of the civil servants in their WhatsApp group.

Added another: “instead of them removing this evil contributory pension scheme, they’re deducting us even more. Politics is indeed a dirty game.”

Akometsi understand that all civil servants below the age of 35, are victims of this way through which, according to the servants, government generates revenue.

“We were happy at hearing that the new government would remove this stupidity. We were fooled,” another text read in the same forum.

“Even on the issue of tax free band,” read another text. “They’ve fooled us. There’ll be no any reasonable change to our meagre perks. It’s the same old story. Debt slaves.”

The other disgruntled civil servant, probably, a teacher, went on to suggest that they start to work as they earn.

“Let’s embrace this ideology. Work as we earn. Let’s not punish ourselves. Government is ungrateful,” he said.

There was no immediate response from the government on the concerns but minister of information, Gospel Kazako, is on record to have kept on reaffirming that Tonse alliance government will fulfill all its promises.

“Let people be patient,” Kazako pleaded.


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