Chisale’s wife out on a bail

Lilongwe high court has granted bail to 13 police officers who are in custody over the murder of Lule Buleya

Amongst the 13 officers is Evalista Chisale, the wife to Norman Chisale who has earlier been charged with the murder of the then ACB director of corporate affairs Issa Njaunju.


When it rains it pours: Norman Chisale, husband to Evalista also in custody facing serious charges including a murder case

According to the confirmation by one of the lawyers handling this case, the officers will still remain in police custody till Monday afternoon as the court will assess their sureties.

The bail attracts 2 sureties from each suspect which are bonded at K500, 000 non cash.

In addition to that to that, the suspects will also be required to surrender all travel documents, report to police after every 2 weeks and not to leave Lilongwe without the knowledge of the commissioner of police.

Evalista’s husband is also facing some serious court cases of fraud and also a murder case. It appears it never stops to rain on the Chisale family as they are both facing very serious cases which could possibly cost them a lifetime in prison.



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