Chindindindi: Northen Malawi hit by earth tremor

By: Jones Chikazunga

There was panic and trembling in Mzimba, Rumphi, Nkhata Bay, and of course, some parts of Mzuzu city on Monday morning when an earth tremor shook the districts.

The tremor vibrated for over 30 seconds, causing people to leave offices and other buildings with terror.

According to Geologist Kondwani Dombola, the quake was of a magnitude of 5.0 on Ritcher Scale, and it was caused by rock movements around Livingstonia in Rumphi.

“We can confirm. There was a tremor that happened around morning hours here in the northern region, precisely in the districts of Rumphi, Mzimba and Nkhata Bay,” said Dombola.

He further added it was one powerful tremor that can as well cause other quakes to occur, and that its primary cause was rock movements propelled by underneath faults and heating at Livingstonia, Rumphi.

And responding on what people can do as precautionary measures in times of such, the geological expert said people are supposed to do a number of things:

“Most of the times when quakes or tremors strike, people do run away. This is bad and discouraged”

“First of all they have to lie or kneel down. If they are in an office or a house, and if there is, for instance, a table, they have to hold or go under it. This helps to shield them if something happens to fall down,” Dombola advised.

Tremors and earthquakes are not that much common in Africa, but rather, in Asia and other continents due to, among others, availability of plate boundaries.

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