Chilima meets with heads of Diplomatic Mission

Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima met nine Heads of Diplomatic Mission at his office at capital hill.

Among other things, they discussed issues bordering social economic development and fostering of international relations as a precursor for promotion of successful trade policies between nations.

Among the Heads of mission he held discussions with include His Excellency (HE) ambassador Jurgen Borsch of the federal republic of Germany, HE John Ngwata Phiri High commissioner of the Republic of Zambia, HE Gerald Cunningham ambassador of Republic of Ireland, HE Liu Hongyang ambassador of Republic of China, HE Hassan Ahmed Shawky of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The envoy also included Her Excellency Hilda Suja ambassador of the Republic of Zimbabwe, HE Robert Scott ambassador of the United States of America, HE Anurag Bhushan high commissioner of the Republic of India and He Prince Alhangene Sigcau High commissioner of the Republic of South Africa.

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